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Hydroxylamine hydrochloride
Product name Hydroxylamine hydrochloride
Alias Oxammonium Hydrochloride; Hydroxylamine Hcl; Hydroxylammonium Chloride; Oxammonium Hcl; Hydroxyaminehydrochloride; Hydroxylaminechloride; Hydroxylaminechloride(1:1); Oxammionium; Hydroxyammonium Chloride; Hydroxylamine/Hcl Solution; Hydroxylamine; Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride (1:1);
CAS RN 5470-11-1
EINECS No. 226-798-2
Molecular formula H4ClNO
Molecular weight 69.4909
Structural formula Hydroxylamine hydrochloride
Physico-chemical property

White crystal, deliquescent, specific gravity (17℃)1.67

To use It is mainly used as reducing agent and imaging agent, used to prepare oxime in organic synthesis, and also used as raw material for the synthesis of anti-cancer drugs (hydroxyurea), sulfonamide drugs (neonomin) and pesticide (methomyl). Electrical analysis used for depolarizing agent, in the synthetic rubber industry for no coloring of the short-term stop agent and acetal degree measurement.
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